WEEK 3: Cheeseburger With just an extra Touch

This recipe is easy to scale up for a few more people!

Cheeseburger? Healthy? Here’s Why!
Cheeseburger calories come primarily from saturated fat. The beef in the burger contributes to the saturated fat count and the cheese adds saturated fat calories as well. But a cheeseburger provides no sugar and it is a good source of iron, vitamin B6 and B12. So hey! Here you go! My #1 Cheatmeal to go.

Here’s an A-maizing fact!
The lovely sidesalad is an easy to go meal that you can take with you! It’s super easy to prepare, takes up to 5 minutes and helps you skip that cookie or cake! Hey, Healthy snacks all the way!…

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WEEK 2: Healthy Blueberry Muffin Smoothie Recipe

Blueberries, Peanut butter and oats.
Combine to make this smoothie extra filling and delicious.

Why you should add this shake to your daily diet!
The combination of wholesome ingredients including blueberries, oats, vanilla, honey, and dash of cinnamon make this smoothie taste just like my favorite blueberry muffin recipe! Guess what… It’s RAW and VEGAN!

Note these Facts!
Blueberries boost a ton of reported health benefits including increased energy, focus, and concentration as well as lowering the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. That sounds like a superfood that’s perfect for busy days!

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WEEK 1: Quick and Easy One-Pot Potato and Edamame Salad

This recipe calls for adding potatoes, eggs, and edamame to a single pot of
boiling water at different times.

Why did we use Edameme?
They are naturally gluten-free and low in calories, they contain no cholesterol, and they are an excellent source of protein, iron, and calcium. They can be an important source of protein for those who follow a plant-based diet.

Note these Facts!
It contains complete protein, calcium, vitamin C, and other key nutrients.
It can be eaten alone, as a tasty snack, or in soups and other dishes.
People who are allergic to soy products may not be able to eat edamame.

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20 Healthy go to Snacks!

20 Healthy snacks for Work or School that you can keep at your desk

”All hail the snack drawer”

Having healthy snacks for work on-hand at the office, at school or when you’re out of the house, is key for staying fueled and focused when you need it most. Whether you’re in the middle of a big project or you’re chained to your desk with a looming deadline, they’ll help keep your energy up and your blood sugar stable during an afternoon slump!

Game, set, match, stale donuts in the break room. A solid snack should have some protein and fiber to keep you satisfied until your next meal.

Here are 20 snack options you can keep right at your desk—no jockeying for fridge space or dealing with thieves. These picks will make your snack drawer the place to be!

(1) Seeds

“Seeds are a source of protein, and they’re easy to store, quiet, and not messy,” says Kohn. They’re great by themselves, and even better when you put them on top of things like toast, yogurt, or oatmeal. Her favorites are pumpkin seeds and [sunflower seeds], but chia seeds and hemp seeds are great options, too.

(2) Plain Oatmeal Packets

Oatmeal isn’t just for breakfast—stash it in your drawer for a hearty snack, too. “Packets of instant, plain oatmeal microwaved with water in a mug and sprinkled with cinnamon is a great cold-weather snack when you want something warm and filling,” Just make sure you choose an unflavored option, as many others are loaded with extra sugars. You can also store a full canister of quick oats at your desk.

(3) Raw Nuts

Raw nuts are another great desk snack option because they’re shelf stable and, “they deliver a great protein and fat combo,” I love almonds and cashews, but everything from pistachios with the shell on to walnuts or pecans are great for snacking on. And if you keep a packet of oatmeal at your desk, they’re great for adding to that, too.

(4) Dried Fruit

Dried fruit can satisfy that mid-afternoon sweet tooth while tiding you over with filling fiber. I go for a few pieces of dried apricots or dates paired with raw nuts for a dose of healthy fat, too. Pair them with a handful of dried nuts or seeds for a balanced snack.

(5) Nut Butter

Nut butters like peanut butter and almond butter are tasty, versatile desk snacks—I likes pairing it with an apple or banana. (Or, if you’re anything like me, eating it straight from the jar). When it comes to which nut butter you should choose, I’d day the general rule of thumb is the fewer ingredients, the better.

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START with this easy fullbody Workout!

a FULLBODY workout that gets your started with the basics of working out!

Wohoo! The first workout is online. Every thursday I will provide you with an amazing workout, new exercises or workout tips & tricks that you can use anywhere!

To start this week off with a blast…
Here you go, a try-out to the first FULLBODY workout of the Proven Body Transformation program.

This workout is designed for Beginners aswell as more advanced athletes! Nope, no equipment needed. Just YOUR bodyweight!

What are you waiting for? Rock it!

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How to get insanely cut abs in 5 minutes

Have you ever wondered how people actually get insanely cut abs?

I have good news and bad news for you—the good news is, you don’t have to spend hours in the gym working on your core to get a 6-pack.

The bad news is, even if you eat right and have low body fat, you can still get stuck with zero abs and no core strength for two reasons: Not Doing the Right Exercises, and Not Doing Exercises Correctly.

We’ll talk about doing exercises correctly in just a second, but first let me set the record straight on doing the right ab exercises.

Most people think all ab workouts are pretty much the same

But tell me this…

If all ab workouts are the same, why do some people get great results while others don’t?

The truth is, most programs and workouts don’t include the right exercises for you to get the REAL results you want.

For example, when the Strong-Core Program was being created, a lot of time and expertise went into figuring out the exact movements and exercises to include.
That’s why it includes 4 weeks of workouts made up of specific exercises, reps, and combinations to help you train the way you need to for maximum results.

Surprisingly enough, though most people assume ab workouts need to take a bunch of time in order to see results (which is not true), each workout in Strong-Core only takes 5-10 minutes to complete.


Now let’s talk about performing the right exercises the right way.

Just like training any other muscles, you have to train your abs correctly to get stronger and more cut.

Makes sense, right?

Unfortunately what happens is, most people don’t know how to do these exercises the right way, so they waste a lot of good effort without seeing the results ):

We don’t want that to happen to you!

Make sure before you start using an ab program like Strong-Core, you read over the exercises and look up how to do them the most effective way possible. It makes a BIG difference.

No matter what program you do though, just make sure you understand the proper mechanics of the exercises, and that the exercises are hitting your core from all angles so you get maximum results.

Ready to shred up?

Achieving your goals

Do you remember a time you accomplished a big goal that you were REALLY proud of? I do.
For years, I was the small kid. I would get made fun of for being skinny and was just naturally not as strong as most of the people in the gym.

I turned 16 years old just before summer after my sophomore year in high school, and I had just broken up with my girlfriend so I had more time on my hands than usual.

When being at the gym and trying to help others out, noone took me seriously. Everytime someone dared me to compete against them, I lost.
Sick of being small and weak, I picked up a 90 Days challenge from internet and started doing a chest workout that I found on there. My goal was to do atleast 10 pullups before the end of the challenge. (I could not do ANY).
When the 90 days challenge ended, I was ready to test my strength.

I remember pulling out 10 strict form pullups and a friend said: ‘’Congratz! Now you are finally ready to work for that muscleup!’’
I ended up maxing out at 15 strict form pullups that day when it was all said and done, and it felt SO GOOD to accomplish my goal after all the work I had put in.
What I DIDN’T know at the time, is that it didn’t have to be as hard as it was, and I could have done it faster.

3 Keys to Achieving Your Goals Faster

  1.  Learn from the experts

    There are experts for almost everything you can think of, and they’ve already spent years perfecting their craft or knowledge. Instead of going through years of unnecessary research on your own, find experts and read their books, watch their videos, invest in their programs and save yourself the time and the headache of trying to do it alone.

  2.  Stick to the plan

    Once you know how you’re going to achieve your goal, and the steps you need to take, stick to the plan. It’s easy to fall off track, but every setback you have is one step further away from achieving what you set out to.

  3. Stay motivated and accountable

    Even with the best strategy in place and all the knowledge in the world, if you can’t stay motivated to keep working toward your goal, you’ll fail. Find a community of people who will hold you accountable and support you on your journey.

    Instead of hacking together a workout plan that was okay at best and struggling to keep myself motivated to go workout, I could have found a workout program or an online community that would have guided me and made it so much easier.

    I spent YEARS researching the correct ways to workout, trying to find new exercises to do, and guessing what to eat and when.

    If there was a resource like the Proven Body series back then, I would have accomplished my fitness goals so much faster.

    Proven Body’s courses are online memberships that gives you access to exclusive workout cards, exercises, ab programs, and even FULLY custom meal plans every month.

    What it’s really doing is taking the guesswork out of reaching your fitness goals. It’s flooded with every resource you need to be successful, and there’s new and fresh material every month.

    It’s a brand new year with brand new goals and opportunities.

Let’s achieve them together!

3 Super Tasty and Easy meals

3 Quick and Easy meals that will fit into EVERY Nutrition plan.

Hey! Amazing to have you on board. Every week we’ll be uploading recipes that will make YOU look like a masterchef! Don’t hesitate sending us your recipes! We like to share ideas from the fam!

This week we’re starting of with 3 recipes that fit into every Nutrition plan. Quick, easy and especially… You only need 3 ingredients!

What are you waiting for? Let’s start cooking!

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Say NO to the gym

Yes, you read the title correctly, and you should STOP GOING TO THE GYM… If you were like me 3 years ago, you would be a young boy weighing in at a measly 140 lbs., with pimples all over your face. I wasn’t proud of who I was and couldn’t stand looking at myself in the mirror.

Fast forward 3 years later, I am 200 lbs., happier than I could ever be, and an influential influencer with a reach of over 3 million followers. But what got me to be in this position within my life? Believe it or not, it was when I decided to train with my bodyweight that life changed forever.

Now, did I workout in the gym for the last 3 years? Yes. Did I play volleybal? Yes. Have I gained a lot of lean muscle over the years? Yes. But you know what I never was? Happy…. Why? Because I was too worried about the man beside me in the gym. I was too worried about being better than everyone else on the volleybal field. I WAS TOO WORRIED ABOUT EVERYONE ELSE AND HOW THEY PERCEIVED ME, and I lost touch with my own dreams and aspirations… Until I discovered bodyweight training.

The Hard Work

You know what got me to where I am today? Of course the experiences I gained over the past 3 years, my Management and Sports degree, and many mentors along the way; but more importantly: BODY WEIGHT TRAINING.
You see, I always thought going to the gym was the end all – “if you don’t go to the gym you will never get big and ripped”… WOW, was I wrong. It is actually the total opposite, just because you go to the gym does not mean you are going to burn a bunch of fat, put on a lot of muscle, and be in the best shape of your life – it just doesn’t work like that.

You DO NOT have to go to the gym to be happy with your body,

and I have many close friends who can attest to that. With the knowledge I have gathered over my many years of experience, training comes down to 4 things regardless of being in a gym or not; Volume, Frequency, Intensity, and Time.

  • How long are you training for?
  • How hard is your training?
  • How often are you training?
  • How many repetitions and sets are you completing?

It really is that easy…

Only until you go to create a workout program for yourself and have no clue where to start.

The Way To Start!

I am not here to sell you on anything, but I know what it feels like to not know any of the four things I mentioned above… which is why I created my Proven Body program (My Bodyweight Only Training System). There is a lot more that goes into training than just “I have to do 5 pull ups and rest for a little while”. If you are looking for the health benefits to working out, then great.. do that. But if you have a specific strength goal and want to build your dream physique – then this is exactly where you should start.

Remember – if you never start, then your journey will never begin.

Starting is always the hardest part. But once you begin and the results start rolling in – your life will change forever. I am living proof of this. I once had no clear path, nothing but knowing where I wanted to be and no understanding of how to get there. Until I got so fed up with that feeling and did something about it.

Here were my steps to gaining 60 lbs. and building a huge online business with
3 million family members (followers):

  1. Find your “what” – I looked at what I loved to do: work out and play sports
  2. Find your “how” –  I asked myself, ‘How can I workout and play sports?’
  3. Choose! – I questioned which I loved to do more, which ended up being football (sports)

I then created an action plan on how I could play high school sports. Pay close attention. With these beginning steps, I found a clear beginning to a goal oriented journey. I ended up buying a program with my saved up money, which took away one of my biggest worries – WHERE DO I START? My advice to you – establish your short term end goal and work back from there. Find your “what”, “how”, “which”, and then cut your action plan into very small steps. You will be surprised at how quickly you find a path to success. To wrap it up, STOP GOING TO THE GYM… If you feel forced and/or uncomfortable being there.


Through many of my client’s transformations, the proof is there… all you need to do is go to your local park and begin. But don’t forget to invest in something that will get you where you need to go in the most stress free and expedited way.

This program was created for all levels, which is why we included 5 phases to the training. It doesn’t matter if you are just beginning or are as advanced as I am… you will see incredible results. So get started today, and remember: