Personal Coaching Plan (12 weeks)


the #1 in Tailormade Programs by Certified coaches…

What’s Included:
Personalized Workout plan (Bodyweight, Fitness or Combined)
Personalized Meal plan
Updates every month
24/7 E-mail Coaching
For beginner to advanced
Suitable for men & women

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For Each Person, You Absolutely Must Understand what working out is and what your body is capable of!

When it comes to your workouts and what you do during your workouts, I get these questions every single day…

“Antonie, what exercises should I do? How do I progress? or How many sets and reps?” I want results, what do I do?

And these are great questions, because A LOT of people get this wrong…

But in order to get the fastest results possible, you need to know the right variations, exercises and goals set for YOU.

How long you workout every day, and even what exercises you should perform, is going to be very unique to you…

How you should workout is going to depend on these 2 things…

#1 – What your body is like right now…
– How much you weigh
– How tall you are
– Your activity level
and a few other factors…
#2 – What you’re trying to accomplish…
– Are you trying to maintain your current size?
– Are you trying get bigger and pack on a lot of muscle mass?
– Are you trying to get leaner and lose a bunch of fat, without losing muscle?

Even if you have special needs like handicaps, injuries etc.. , we’ve got you covered!

And we’ll even personalize your workout plan based on any injury or handicap you have, or a specific time management you like to follow. So even if you’re incapable of using your arm/leg or having lower backpain, we can help you with a custom workout plan unique to you. Our Custom Workout Plans are designed by certified coaches to help you reach your goals no matter your workout style.

How it works?

  • You complete your Custom Workout Plan order
  • Fill in the questionnaire and tell us about where you are and your specific goals
  • Fill in your workout preferences or restrictions, and hit send.
  • We create your personalized Custom Workout Plan within 3-5 days and email it to you.
  • Start enjoying your amazing workouts with the right exercises and intensities for you!

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